What Are Your Electrical Needs?

If you have a historic property or a property that is older, you need to check the wiring. Before you determine if the house needs new wiring, you need to review the original wiring first. This applies to anyone who has just moved into an older or historic building or who is experiencing spikes and surges in power. Maybe your breaker switches trip off frequently. Perhaps you are considering the purchase of an historical building. If so, you need to know where you stand in this respect.

Locate the Service Panel or Panels

To explore your electrical system, you need to locate the service panel for the electrical system. Some historic homes may have more than one of these panels. For example, if you are buying a building that is comprised of flats, you will need to look for the panels in more than one place. If it is a building of flats, usually the panels will be located on the levels occupied by tenants.

What Is the Amperage?

Open up the panel’s door and check the amperage. Most homes need at least 200 amps individually. Next, review the visible wires in your loft and basement. Have they been neatly placed or do they look haphazard and in disarray? Some older houses feature wiring that is a mix of old and new wiring. In fact, in some cases, you may see wires stapled to the edge of joists or hanging precariously. If you see any random installations, you need to contact a company such as Electricians on Call about rewiring services right away.

How Do the Wires Look?

If you notice that the wires are in place and neat, the house may have already been rewired. However, any type of misplaced wiring needs to be investigated further. Contact an electrician so you can obtain a more thorough inspection. Professional electricians can test your wiring, including the wires that run through ceiling and wall cavities that are hidden from view.

Inspect and Count the Outlets

When you are reviewing the wiring, determine if any of the wires look antique. They will be easy to spot. Naturally, these types of wires should be replaced. Also, during your electrical audit, you need to inspect the outlets in each room. Find out how many outlets are located in each area of the house.

Are You Planning a Major Refurbishment?

If you are planning a major refurbishment, you will need to find out what you need to do to meet building codes. Normally, outlets should present a means to plug in three-pronged electrical connections. Once you speak to an electrician, you can determine how to proceed. Whilst making these inspections, it is also important to review your ceiling lights.

Some older fixtures are operated with antique or older wiring. If you find this to be the case, you will need to plan a replacement. Rewiring is essential if you are using some of today’s modern technology. Whilst you may love your antique property, you still need to make sure that the electrical system is up to date. Take time today to review the various kinds of wiring requirements online. Make sure that you are operating a safe electrical system in your home.

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