In the modern world, data is a key asset in running companies and businesses. We live in a digital time where communication, databases, transactions, and the internet shape our everyday lives, so data is valuable for every company. It is in every organization’s best interest to keep their data safe regardless of any legal requirements.

Data security in an organization maintains data integrity, enables easy access of data whenever needed to run business operations, and keeps sensitive information out of the dirty hands of competitors. We’ll look at data security and privacy in three dimensions to understand why it must ne your number one priority in this age.

The importance of data security and privacy

Data security is used to safeguard all the relevant data of your organization from unauthorized access. It also ensures the privacy of your company and customers so that unwanted sources do not affect the critical data used to run your day-to-day business operations. Data security and privacy are intertwined to implement each other successfully. Both have similar obligations, including:

  • Access control- the primary aspect of data privacy is authorized data use through data security.
  • Accuracy and integrity- data privacy and security are concerned to ensure that your company’s data is unaltered and error-free.
  • Accountability- legal requirements or business policies relating to data ensure consumers’ privacy and security.

Data security is related to assurance of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. That involves the implementation of measures such as data encryption to prevent data breaches and fraudulent attacks. Data privacy is more focused on to what extend organizations can collect and process information about individuals.

The importance of data security for businesses

Data security is essential for business as it has to do with the measures to prevent unauthorized access to databases, computers, and websites. Whether you own a small company, you should never underestimate the importance of data security for your business because:

  • It ensures business continuity in the day-to-day operation.
  • It prevents unauthorized data access.
  • And protects your company from data breaches.

In the age we live in, data security has been extended from business to personal lives. If your company does not guarantee your clients’ data privacy, then your business is compromised. So data security is vital for your business in the short and long run.

Why data security should be your number one priority in 2021

We live in the internet age where data transverses through networks every second, minute, and hour every day. According to economists, we live in the zettabyte era that involves the transfer of sensitive information to generate traffic in every available place.

Data security is more critical now more than ever because:

  • The fast technological changes have given rise to cyber attacks.
  • Cyber concerns may lead to increased data regulations by governing authorities.
  • Cyber-attacks affect everyone.


Data security is more critical in today’s data-led business industry. Not only for the sake of running your business, but data privacy and security are essential for consumers to trust your company.

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