The Biggest Issues With Manual Time Tracking And How Online Employee Time Clock Software Can Help

Accurately tracking employees, attendance, schedules, hours, and pay rates are essential to keep your workers happy and your business productive. The problem is that this is a lot of information and logistics to handle without modern technology like online employee time clock software.

If you’re still tracking time manually, then there are many issues you are likely to face. These issues are further compounded by the fact that there is no reasonable way to fix them without wasting loads of time and resources trying to micromanage every employee every minute of the day.

Here are some of the most significant issues caused by manual time tracking and how online employee time clock software can help solve them.

Manual Time Tracking is Prone to Errors

When doing timesheet management by letting employees fill out their own time cards manually, you run the risk of errors in the time cards, leading to inaccurate hours and pay. Sometimes these errors can be committed by the employee or by the payroll department when wages and payments are calculated. In either case, these errors are costly to fix and can result in wasted productivity and, even worse, late payments to employees.

In even worse cases, errors in time cards can be due to deliberate time theft committed by employees. In such situations, the employee may punch in for a friend, allowing them to get hours while absent, earn more hours than they are scheduled for, or even perform personal errands while on the clock. Even with few employees, it is nearly impossible to keep track of employee time manually. Doing so will result in a lot of wasted time and lost productivity that could be better spent elsewhere.

An online employee time clock has features that can eliminate errors and time theft by making the entire time tracking process automated and applying security measures that prevent buddy punching. Many time clock solutions provide each employee with a unique clock in that is difficult or impossible to be copied. You can even implement biometrics to enhance security for the clock in and out procedure. Things such as facial recognition or thumbprint scan can make sure employees only clock in for themselves.

Productivity trackers help make sure employees stay on task, and since the entire process is automated, there’s no possibility for manual data entry errors.

Manual Time Tracking Can Lead to Labor Law Violations

Because of the lack of oversight with manual team time tracking, there is a high possibility that employees will forget to take breaks, work unpaid overtime, or not have enough time off. All of these issues can lead to labor law violations, whether intentional or not.

Simply forgetting to take a lunch break can lead to a labor law violation, and without constant supervision, there is no way to manually track employees and make sure they all do what they are supposed to.

An online time clock software allows you to not only track employee hours and schedule the appropriate breaks and keep them from getting overtime unless it is authorized, but you can also set reminders for specific goals, such as lunch breaks, the appropriate time to clock out, and when they are approaching the limit of their scheduled hours.

Inaccurate Payroll Can Lead to Angry Employees

There are two significant problems with manually calculating your payroll. The first is that payroll calculation is inefficient and time-consuming when done manually. Secondly, it is much more prone to errors when done this way.

There are numerous problems with erroneous payroll as well. It generally takes much longer to catch and correct the mistakes. This leads to more wasted time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

If payroll is routinely inaccurate or delayed, employees are likely to become disgruntled and distrustful of their employees since their wages aren’t guaranteed to be accurate. Additionally, failing to pay employees properly can lead to further labor law violations that can cause even more headaches for your business.

Online employee time clock software can eliminate or minimize all of these problems with ease. All hours and wages are calculated down to the minute, meaning there is virtually no potential for errors.

Payroll software integrations make it possible to take the automatically collected data and send it directly to the payroll department for processing. This saves loads of time, ensures accuracy, and makes payments faster and easier for everyone involved.

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