How Yubo Is Changing the Way Adults and Kids Look at Social Media in the Digital Age

Livestreaming has fundamentally changed the way that we socialize with one another on the internet. Whether you are watching your favorite streamer play their favorite games, or you are partaking in social networking just to make friends, you’ll find that platforms like Yubo have set the new standard on what to expect out of the experience.

Born in 2015 and based out of Boston, Yubo has set the streaming world afire as the Parisian company continues to watch its numbers explode in earnest. Throughout all of its growth, Yubo has stayed committed to the consumer above all else, which has allowed it to set new standards while making a name for itself in the industry.

Let’s dive into the world of Yubo better to understand the platform and its unique features and benefits.

Automation + Moderation = Innovation

Yubo has already developed into a name synonymous with live streaming and instant social networking. Popular among the Gen Z crowd aged 14 – 25, Yubo is the first online social media platform to require age verification for users to engage with content. The age verification system is the first layer of automation and moderation that has made Yubo so exceptional.

Utilizing a team of Safety Specialists as well as AI tools, Yubo’s support network works quickly to detect and address any potential violations. Livestreams are monitored by Safety Specialists as well, allowing for parents to feel more comfortable when their children are on Yubo.

The ultimate goal at Yubo is for users to connect across cultures and fandoms, building respectful and engaging friendships while branching out in the world. With tight moderation tools and enhanced security features, Yubo sets the stage pleasantly for the experience.

Keys of Connection in Your Hands

While live streaming became more popular than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is far from the only area that the experts at Yubo have focused on since the platform was created.

Yubo offers instantaneous chat experiences, a hashtag system to allow users to branch out and make new connections, and the classic video and audio live streams we’ve discussed above. The goal at Yubo since its inception has been to help users find friends and for them to flourish with that friendship while engaging on the platform.

Thanks to the strong efforts of the development team at Yubo, the live social discovery platform has grown dramatically in the past six or seven years. Enjoying exponential growth, Yubo has recently eclipsed more than 60 million users across more than 140 countries around the globe.

Along the way, users have sent more than 10 billion messages to one another. During the pandemic, Yubo’s metrics saw more than a 550% increase in time spent on the live streaming section of the platform.

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