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The Digital Landscape Of College Search

This digital age has made quite the impact on the children that have come from it. While some may argue that all of the screen time can have a negative influence on children, there are arguments for the opposite as well. Whatever your opinion might be, one thing is true: the digital age has shaken up some of the longest standing traditions the world has seen. For example, the college search, which was once predicated on the physical visits from aspiring students, has gone almost entirely digital. With the help of popular social media platforms and other resources, colleges all around the nation have pivoted their strategies to attracting aspiring students to their schools. One platform in particular, TikTok, has seen such a stark increase in users, high school users specifically, that it became detrimental for colleges to not follow suit and create their own accounts. Through this platform, aspiring students can hear from current students about the qualities of the college and their real experiences, which would’ve been much harder to get on demand prior to technology. This, in turn, is shaping the way in which college recruiters and marketers go about their jobs. For more information on how these applications are influencing aspiring students, please see the resource accompanying this post.

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