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Strategies for developing an effective SEO strategy

Prioritise writing for humans

There has never been a time when Google’s ranking algorithms have been so smart. Earning rankings faster cannot be achieved through shortcuts or easy methods. Focusing on the real humans that make up your customer base and creating content that will add value to them is the best way to build a solid SEO marketing strategy and earn higher rankings. Content that is authentic and valuable will be ranked higher by Google.

Create a core piece of content

Topic clusters align with pillar content. Your anchor pieces help you rank for the topics you want most. These articles tend to be evergreen and contain internal links to other articles.

Competitors should be known

To Build your digital marketing strategy based on as much information as possible, you should understand what the SERPs look like for the keywords you plan to target. Are there any brands that have already ranked? Are there any types of content that are at the top of the list?

These insights can be used to conduct deeper competitive analysis and create content that adds even more value to your audience.

Consider the intent of your search

It is more likely for users to engage with your content when it is aligned with their search intent. A customer’s intention is an important factor in ensuring the right content is delivered at the right time to them. Consider this question: what is the most common keyword or phrase people search for?

Look at the current search engine results to see which keywords are already ranking well. If you create an in-depth guide for a target keyword, you will know whether you should create a quick list or an in-depth guide. When your potential customers interact with your content, you can better understand where they are in the buying process.

Content needs to be refreshed

Many factors can cause old content to lose rankings or traffic over time. There are many factors that affect Google’s ranking decisions, like changing factors, changing content, competitors creating new content, and Google preferring fresh content as a whole.

Keeping your old content updated isn’t a bad way to gain new traffic and make your content more valuable over time – in fact, they’re smart ways to make your content more valuable over time. Furthermore, it prevents out-of-date content from hampering your SEO marketing strategy.

Drive your decisions based on metrics

As a final note, make sure your SEO marketing strategy is metric-driven. Taking regular measurements of your performance can help you determine if your strategy is working and when you need to make changes. The following five metrics are recommended as a starting point for content marketing:

  • SEO performance – Evaluate your content and keyword rankings.
  • Conversions – The definition of conversion varies from brand to brand. Subscriptions, downloads, or purchases could be involved. Users are primarily measured by how fast they perform the specific action you ask them to perform.
  • Engagement – It’s not as cut-and-dry as the previous one. Google Analytics’ Audience Overview dashboard is a great tool for finding session length and average pages viewed per session.
  • Traffic – Understand the amount of traffic your site is attracting by measuring your unique visitors, page views, and unique pageviews.
  • Authority – As well as increasing rankings, high authority builds brand trust and reputation.

Content marketing success is a combination of strategy, quality, and consistency

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