Finding projects as an SEO India

With the virtual space expanding leaps and bounds, there has been a huge demand for SEO services. This has led to a lot of SEO services providers entering the business. Thus, there is almost more supply than demand. Therefore, if you are an SEO India and are looking for building your business, here are some tips of how to find projects:

  • Email Marketing: Though many consider that email marketing has become outdated and no more useful, the fact remains that email marketing is still a great tool to reach out to your target audience. Therefore, send emails to prospective clients with a nice company profile attached. Don’t send mass emails, focus on keeping your mail personal, try to create a connection. Keep an engaging subject line. Some of the tricks that you can use while doing email marketing is: use LinkedIn connects, get email IDs from your client’s website, use Aweber etc.
  • Direct calling: Call it traditional or old style, but direct calling always works. Start making calls to local Digital agencies, understand if they have a requirement and seek a personal meeting. This way, you can close deals faster.
  • Content marketing: You are an SEO agency, so make that visible. Start your SEO skills by using content marketing tools. Create original content on SEO like blogs, videos and share on different quality websites and social media like Facebook. LinkedIn, Instagram and more.
  • Get yourself visible: Your promise to your client is Search engine optimization, so, your website also must be optimized and lead the search results isn’t it? Therefore, have a well designed and optimized website and half your battle is won. Ensure you are listed on Google My Business and various other free and premium online listing websites. Another effective tool is to create your profiles on various freelance websites. Here you would not only find businesses looking for SEO services but can also find skilled SEO professionals who could be a great source of talent.
  • Competitor analysis: Understanding the market well is another good way of finding good projects. This helps you to understand what it needs to project yourself in the right way. Therefore, understand what the market expects, look around what SEO companies of your type i.e. your competitors are offering and how they are cracking deals.

The above mentioned points are like the 5 pillars on which you can plan your strategy of scouting clients. Understand that there is a demand for SEO services but remember that there is a lot of competition out there who are probably promising the same services that you are offering. Therefore, the success of your business purely depends on how well you showcase yourself, approach the clients and thereby live up to your projection. SEO these days is something that almost every second agency is offering and there are freelancers too. Therefore, you need to be immensely competitive, relevant and aggressive in your approach and actions as well. So, know your strengths, put them out loud and clear and you too can rank the search results as top SEO India Online.

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