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Why is it a Good Choice to Hire a Ruby on Rails Programmer from Cybercraft?

As defined by the CyberCraft’s Ruby Programming Team, Rails are referred to as a model-view-controller web framework which is written in the Ruby programming language. The advantage of Rails is that it rapidly crank out the CRUD-based web applications. It also offers value convention over configuration. As all of these accurate conventions are followed by our dedicated team, they can easily accomplish your project by avoiding the lengthy configurations of files to make things easier for your firm. Hence, we save your time by writing the tedious config files.

 So, this article focuses on some tips and tricks followed by our expert teams and would love to share with the budding Ruby programmers as well.

  1. Cybercraft uses plugins to save time

Cybercraft Ruby on Rails programmers can easily install and use the plugins in the web application as the program is known to have a well-defined plugin structure. This leads to the smartwork of the Cybercraft team by saving a lot of time by finding plugins at Core Rails, Railsify, and Rails Plug-in Directory. This is why it is always a good idea to hire Ruby on Rails programmer for your organization.

  1. Cybercraft makes testing fun and easy with Rspec

The best thing about rails is its automated testing feature makes the development experience for the ruby and rails team at Cybercraftinc.com much more fun. Cybercraft teams believe that automated tests are the little helper programs Cybercraft team writes that run bits of the main code to ensure its right functioning. As the Cybercraft team always implements it accuracy, the testing improves the workflow and the confidence in the outcome. Cybercraft Ruby on Rails programmer make it easy and fun with the help of Rspec.

  1. Cybercraft can track application exceptions

Love them, or hate them, but there is no escape from exceptions. They always exist even when it comes to Ruby and Rails. Cybercraft team is aware of all the exceptions, so as to whenever a client faces a problem, the problem is taken care of instantly. There are many exception notification plugins available that make it easy to be notified.

  1. Cybercraft knows how to easily dump the data

There will be times when the data needs to be gathered from production to dev or dev to the local or local to the developer’s local. In this case, use a plugin Yaml_db. This miraculous plugin helps in dumping or loading data by using a Rake command. The data is stored in the yaml file located in db/data.yml.

If you are convinced, hire a Ruby on Rails programmer from Cybercraft today!

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