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Seven Important Elements of a Good Website Design

Every website needs to be properly designed in order to perform well and have optimal Google Analytics metrics. That is why as a website owner, you want to ensure your site has what it takes to be functional and noticeable. Here are the principles of website design that will make your site attractive, user-friendly, engaging, and effective:


A good web design in Perth WA has a particular purpose. For instance, are you looking to design your site to entertain visitors or inform them? Also, your design can allow for interactions or business transactions. Make sure every page of your site fulfills your users’ need effectively.


People use the internet to access certain information quickly. Therefore, you need to have a website that communicates with users in a clear manner and has information that is easy to read and digest. To achieve this, your design can include the use of headlines and sub-headlines to organize information as well as the use of bullet points.


Choose the color palette that can improve the experience of users. If you want to create harmony and balance, consider complementary colors. Contrasting colors are perfect for the text and background to make reading easier on the users’ eyes. If you want your site to create emotions, think about vibrant colors; however, make sure you use them sparingly. To provide your site an organized and contemporary look, use white space.


Picking suitable images can help in positioning your brand and engaging with your target audience. You can use your own quality photos or buy stock photos necessary for improving your site’s appearance. Also, remember to use infographics, graphics, and videos because they can effectively communicate your message to your target audience.


A well-designed site is easy to navigate, which means that people can easily move around the site. To ensure effective site navigation, include the use of logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, and three-click capabilities.

Mobile Friendliness

These days, many people access the internet using their mobile devices. Creating a mobile-friendly website increases your chances of reaching out to as many target customers as possible.

Load Time

Everyone likes a site that loads quickly. You can make this possible by optimizing image sizes, minifying CSS, HTML, or JavaScript and combining code into a central JavaScript or CSS file.

When designing a website, your designer should keep these elements in mind. They are effective in making your site more useful, engaging, and memorable for your visitors.

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