Virtual Agm Singapore, The Necessity Of The Modern Era

The new laws passed on April 7, 2020, by the Singapore government mandates companies to manage Annual General meetings (AGM). Through digital platforms. With the available modern technology, it is easily possible to conduct meetings through video conferences and such means.

Webcasting, The Best Option

 The decision on Virtual AGM Singapore is due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic. Social distancing has to be followed in all walks of life to rein in the virus’s massive spread. The right providers in technology have to be employed for the meetings via live streaming or video conference for smooth functioning without any interruptions or lags. The flexibility and reliability of the webcasting software and hardware are primary. Video conferences limit the number of people who can participate in it, while webcasting does not. It should allow easy access through any device with an Internet connection from different parts of the world. Safety is guaranteed by providing the shareholders and members with the login passwords to enter the meeting.

Security from Interferences

 All the members of the participants should pre-register their wish to attend the meeting. Thus, it prevents any possible duplications for the entry. The virtual AGM should have no delays that lag the audio or video in between the meetings. Such lags disrupt the flow and conductivity of the event. The steps that lead to the entry of a member should be flexible so anyone with basic knowledge in technology can access it. Virtual AGM Singapore makes sure the members who attend the meeting are supposed to be present there.

Sum up

Anyone outside the circle should be restricted from entering the meeting. The system automatically records the attendants electronically. Any queries can be submitted through a text so that it doesn’t interrupt the webcast. The resolutions can be easily voted on through this method. Questions can be addressed towards the end of the meeting. This method is more systematic as it does not hinder the discussion that takes place between the shareholders.

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