10 Expert SEO Consultant Services in Thailand

Businesses mostly use digital or online marketing to improve their online presence on different platforms, including marketplaces, websites, and social media. It often allows businesses and startups to widen their reach without any physical constraints. Among the key strategies helping businesses attain long-term success is SEO (search engine optimization) since it improves the performance of websites so they can rank high on various search engines. However effective SEO strategies require solid technical knowledge and skills of best practices, and every business might require a reliable and experienced partner to help them optimize and monitor their strategies.

Why Consider Thai SEO Consultant Services

If you own a website in Thailand and want it to appear on Google’s first page, you will need SEO consultant services in the country. Through the services, your website will be visible to potential clients. According to experts, 90% of people who make search queries on Google find information, services, or products they look for within a few minutes. For businesses, this means increased sales and leads.

SEO Services

SEO services are basically those services that search engine optimization consultants, freelancers, or agencies provide to help optimize the websites of clients. This, in turn, helps to capture more revenue and traffic from scratch. Some of the common SEO services that Thai consultants provide include the following:

1. Technical SEO

Search engines should understand the structure and content of your website – meaning updated XML sitemaps are important to ensure effective technical search engine optimization. Other necessities of technical SEO include eliminating site issues, like duplicate content, mobile responsiveness issues, slow load times of a page, and HTTP error codes, which show content is not found.

2. Keyword Research

Carrying out keyword optimization as well as research is an important on-page SEO aspect that prioritizes websites. Quality content often resonates well with the audience as well as aligns with the understanding of search engines, for which search terms play an important role. According to experts, it is important to tailor keywords based on your niche. Optimizing those keywords in the site augments the possibilities of a website ranking better when potential visitors do online searches. Usually, SEO service providers integrate organic search terms into content and increase the visibility of a website on search engines, such as Yahoo or Google.

3. Custom Strategy

By personalizing your approach to your own business, you will be able to maximize your ROI (return on investment) from SEO. This translates into more visits, orders, and calls to your business. If you consider investing in SEO services, your team will have to make sure your business offers custom strategies. This is because most SEO businesses, particularly those that promote copy-and-paste techniques, deliver cookie-cutter, or ‘cheap’ SEO plans. With cookie-cutter approaches, your business won’t achieve maximum ROI. In many cases, businesses fail to rank on the SERPs with those types of strategies that don’t help your business.

4. Link Building

Link building is among the most valuable services for new eCommerce and business sites where links are manually created to build authority. Building links is one of the major aspects of how Google ranks web pages since those links are signals to Google that your website is a helpful resource. Unfortunately, not every white hat and natural link is helpful to websites. As far as link building is concerned, there are four major types of links, which you must be aware of. These include the following:

  • Sponsored links – These are paid links, which are often called editorial links and come from news and PR websites.
  • UGC links – Might or might not pass link juice because users generate them by commenting on blogs.
  • No-follow links – These links don’t link juice to websites, but indirectly support traffic and link-building authority to a website.
  • Do-follow links – These are valuable as they pass link juice to the website and help to build authority.

5.Voice Search

Users for voice search ask conversational questions, which have more words in search strings than those used in text searches. Voice search is more important for hospitality or local services businesses to benefit right away from individuals looking for urgent needs, like dog groomers, bakeries, or service stations near me.

6. Social Media

This is about connecting as well as engaging with the target audience in the space where they interact socially with a business brand. While this service provides immense benefits and value for the growth of business, your approach will differ based on specific social networks, to which your target audience dedicates much of their time. Platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook give businesses an opportunity of engaging clients and fostering brand awareness. In addition, social media advertising serves as an effective tool for website traffic and lead generation.

7. SEO Audit

Professional consultants often include SEO audits. These audits involve taking a closer look at the current strategies to have a better idea of the current SEO performance as well as issues that prevent you from ranking. Even when you have SEO strategies, your service provider will first evaluate your site from the SEO point of view, looking at where it can use some improvements and excel. Although you may use some free tools for SEO audits, they won’t give you insights like specialists do.

8. YouTube and Video SEO Services

YouTube is basically Google’s product. It is the second-largest search engine globally. Unlike Google’s search engine which dominates text-based search, YouTube often dominates video search. Hence, small businesses require YouTube and Video best SEO practices for businesses. The increased trend for videos often starts with the rise of increased use of YouTube channels globally. Channel owners upload millions and millions of videos every day. Because of that, optimizing videos becomes important for businesses looking to get visibility of content through searches. Through video SEO, you can optimize your videos for search and increase your SERP rank in various ways.

9. eCommerce SEO

Through this service, you can make your online business visible and rank higher. It mainly entails product listings’ optimization as well as keyword research.

10. Website Speed Optimization

Slow-loading website don’t just frustrate users. They also affect rankings in various search engines, including Google. With website speed optimization, you will make your site load faster; thus, making your users happy.

The bottom line is that choosing a good SEO consultant in Thailand is a decision, which can impact your online business’s success. A good consultant will not just offer YouTube/video services and SEO audits. The expert will also provide you with social media marketing, voice search, link building, custom strategy, technical SEO, and keyword research, to name a few.

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