Tips to Find Top Tech Position in 2022

Finding work has always been difficult, but finding tech positions in a post pandemic, remote working world is trickier still.

Moving into the New Year, what can we expect to see from the job market? Are things picking up again after Covid, or has the new variant brought the world of career opportunities back to it’s knees? Let’s find out.

Finding Work is Tricky

Finding new jobs has always been tricky, but we are in an age where thousands upon thousands of us were made redundant by businesses that went bust in 2020/21. In this desolate career landscape, many of us have been forced to retrain and that’s no bad thing. In 2018/2019 we were crying out for data scientists and engineers. Now, we have the same problem and a digital skills gap to prove it.

Added to the lack of digitally skilled workers, we then encountered the pandemic. This saw millions of businesses go under around the globe. It had a secondary effect, too. As offices were reduced to the bare minimum and workers went remote, we ended up with a world where too manty IT staff were sent home with no job. Less that two years later, we are still paying for it.

Tips for Finding Tech Work in the Ongoing Pandemic World

Now that we are in a semi-remote stance, we are beginning to realise that we need those computing professional more than ever before. Here’s how to up your game as a tech professional, so that companies in need can notice you.

1 – Jobsites

There are two types of modern job site. There are those that want you to browse their pages indefinitely until you find something to apply for. They make you fill out a fresh application each time and they don’t allow businesses to browse candidates on their own. Instead, we recommend the alternative type of job hunting site, such as Hays Technology Jobs. They allow you to upload your CV too, so that job hunting works both ways. This way, you can be seen by all those potential employers even when you are not online.

2 – Social Media

Gen Z are showing us the way in terms of job hunting through social media sites. If you want to be a top tech professional, change your LinkedIn status to say that’s what you are and that you are looking for work. You can even upload your CV here or publish articles which set you apart as an expert in your field. All you must do to find work this way is sit back and answer messages as they arrive.

3 – Retraining

There are companies who will employ IT staff straight out of college or university. This allows them to get the lower pay rates while you gain the experience you need to progress in your career. Retraining also lets you network and meet new people interested in the same line of work. The more people you know, the easier it is to climb that corporate ladder to the tech job of your dreams.

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