Can a company remove your YouTube views after they are delivered?

Whether buying YouTube views is a scam or not depends on the service provider you get them from. If you do some research and obtain the views from a reputable company, then no, buying YouTube views is not a scam. However, if you rush the decision and settle with the first service provider that pops up on your search engine page, then the chances that you will end up being scammed are very real. Buying YouTube views is like any other online business and it has its pros and cons. There are many scammers who prey on ignorant YouTubers every day. Thousands of people lose their money on the internet because they are trying to buy views on YouTube and as such, being careful serves you much better.

Buying YouTube views is a real and effective way of improving your YouTube rating and thousands of people have benefited from it. Doe correctly, buying views can put you on the map in a single night. One day you were a nobody and then you bought YouTube views from the correct source and the following morning you are the only thing everybody on the internet is talking about.

Is buying YouTube views illegal?

Half of the people that have never tried to buy YouTube views think that it is a scam while the remaining half thinks that it is illegal so, where do you lie? Are you among the people that think that buying YouTube views is a scam because I already told you that it is not, or are you the other half that it is illegal? Let me address that concern so that you can stop holding yourself back by not taking advantage of the benefits that buying YouTube views presents. Buying views on YouTube is not illegal and does not go against YouTube’s terms of use. However, there is a very thin line between what YouTube considers legal and what it considers illegal when it comes to buying and selling views. The views that YouTube considers prohibited on its platform are the fake ones that are acquired through shortcuts and use of bots.

Can a company remove your YouTube views after they are delivered?

In a world where there are so many scammers trying to cut corners just to make a quick dollar, there is no telling what they can and cannot do. However, a case where a company sold views and then retook them after the transaction was concluded has never been heard of. This however, doesn’t mean that it can’t happen or that it won’t be able to happen in future. It is possible for a company to use the views they sold you as ransom where they ask you to make more payment or see the views taken away. Having the views taken away can be very damaging to you as the buyer, especially if your channel was experiencing some organic growth because of the views you bought.

In most cases, if you are losing views after buying them, it is because they are being removed by YouTube’s algorithm that detects and removes fake views.

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