Reasons Businesses Are Investing In Custom LED Signs

Custom LED signs are an industry of their own, with methods and technologies that can seem overwhelming at first. But this is something you’ll love as a business owner- custom lighting looks good and makes your company stand out from the rest.

When it comes to custom led solutions, there are several reasons companies are drawn to this solution in place of anything else. You’ll be able to attract your customer’s attention with lighting engaging in a way that printed signage cannot match. You can use colors and patterns in ways that catch the eye significantly.

If you’re looking for reasons to invest in such signage, look no further than these:

  1. Cost-effectiveness

LED signs are smart investments because they’re cost-effective compared to other advertisements. Business owners who need to cut costs on advertising materials know that LED signs give them the best bang for their buck, as they can last up to 100,000 hours (compared to neon lights at 12,000 hours).

It is a beautiful feature for any business, as they can save on replacement expenses. You’ll also see savings in your electricity or gas bills- most LED signs use less energy than neon tubes to run the lights.

  1. Retailers Can Leverage The Glimpse Effect

Have you heard of the glimpse effect? It’s the idea that people aren’t looking at your signage advertising for as long as you’d like them to. If they see your store only for a few seconds, the odds of them remembering it are slim. Even worse, if they do remember it, there’s no guarantee they’ll return!

Custom LED signs to solve this issue because these lights draw the attention of passersby and pull them in. You’ll be able to grab their attention and hold it longer than you would with traditional signage. There’s no way they won’t notice your company name, logo, and the special offers you’re giving out!

  1. Customizable Options To Suit Your Needs

Once you look at custom LED signs, you’ll see that there isn’t a single design or pattern out there that can’t be replicated. You have the freedom to customize the colors and patterns in ways no other type of sign can match!

You can make your custom LED signs truly work for you by integrating them with your current marketing campaign. For example, if you’re running a special where you’re giving out free samples, then the messaging on your sign can be something like, “Hey! Get Your Free Sample Today!”

You might also want to use the lights to draw attention to store hours, discounts, or events. Whatever you want people walking by your business to see, you can bet that LED signs can display it!

  1. Greater Recall Of Your Store

When people walk by your store, LED signs can grab their attention and make them remember your brand. It is why so many company owners invest in custom signage- because it’s one of the most efficient ways to advertise.

With LED signs, you have this chance to shine and capture people’s attention truly. If you’re offering discounts or free samples, then the lights can draw them in and make them want to take advantage of these special offers. You can even use lighting that reflects your brand- communicates luxury and high quality with cool colors like blue and purple!

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