Mistakes committed by phone repair technicians

You are so wrong if you are thinking that iphone repair experts don’t make mistakes because they make mistakes every single day. A technician may have been in business for a long time, but when it comes to mistakes, no one is exempted. The degree of the mistakes made may however vary with the skills and experience of the technician you take your phone to. In some cases, the mistakes are so minor that you might actually never notice them and your phone will continue functioning just fine. Below are some of the mistakes that phone repair technicians make every day that we never notice. Take a look and see if you have ever come across these mistakes in your life.

Not replacing all screws

This is a very common mistake among technicians that it has become a normal thing. Part of the process of repairing a phone involves dismantling it and reassembling it after it has been repaired. When disassembling, technicians have to remove screws that are installed into the phone to hold various components together. After removing the screws, most technicians just throw them on a magnet mat or on their work surface. Chances are that these screws get mixed up with screws from other devices. Sometimes the screws just get lost and cannot be found when the phone is being reassembled.

When a technician can’t find screw for your phone, most of them just leave these slots empty without the screw. In some cases, they use other screws that are not meant for that slot. Now, what this does is that it ends up damaging the threads inside the slots and you may never notice the damage caused until the phone needs to be dismantled again next time.

 Not learning about the problem and history of the phone before beginning

This is a very common mistake where a technician just takes the phone submitted to them for repair and starts working on it without learning more about the problem from the customer. As a technician, you may get the job done, but you would do the job faster if you asked the customer about the history of the phone and the cause of the problem before you begin. Knowing the problem and the history of the phone will allow you to start working on the specific problem straight away, thus saving you a lot of time.

It is also important that you ask the customer if they have had the phone repaired by another technician in the past for the same problem.

Not repairing in the estimated time

If you have ever taken your phone to a technician then you know that they never do it on time. When you are taking the phone to them, they will assure you that they will get it done in time, but that never happens. As such, as a customer, you should expect this and plan in advance so that you don’t end up disappointed or your plans ruined because you depended on the technician to do their job in time.

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