MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Review – Best In Industry

You have a WordPress website, but are you hosting it on WordPress hosting?

Millions of users are surfing the internet every day, and millions of users are getting their businesses on the website using WordPress. But, only fewer are aware of the special product created for WordPress sites.

In this small guide, I will introduce you to WordPress hosting. Plus, cheap WordPress hosting plans that can help you grow. If you wish to know everything right from WordPress hosting and its working, keep reading.

The internet is filled with different and creative websites. Every business nowadays is getting digital because of the value it provides. It is not the old world anymore. Here you have to have an online presence to reach potential clients and improve brand reach.

WordPress is the best platform to create pretty websites. However, hosting the WordPress website on the regular hosting server is not that efficient.

WordPress Hosting Gist

WordPress hosting is like any other hosting service, but it is exclusively for WordPress websites. Managed WordPress hosting enhances the speed/performance of your site. It results in a better surfing experience.

Your data will float everywhere on the internet with all speedup features you receive in WordPress hosting.

Along with the hosting service you choose, you also look for the best provider. Any website must host with the provider that is best with its services. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense, and you don’t get good results.

Such web hosting provider is MilesWeb. They are the best hosting provider in India, and you can get affordable WordPress website hosting services from them.

MilesWeb has served thousands of users for 9 years. Their services incredibly contribute to the growth of the customer. Plus, WordPress hosting is one of their best services.

MilesWeb is best known for their WordPress, VPS, cloud, reseller, unlimited hosting Canada and India.

Due to their cheap and quality services, customers have shown consistent trust in them.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Plans

MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans are very affordable. They offer three plans with a high level of features.

The plans are as follows –

Solo, Prime and Multi.

The solo plan is for beginners. It doesn’t cost much, only Rs.40/m after an 80% discount. If you are a beginner and haven’t used websites before, you can opt for the Solo plan.

The solo plan will give you sufficient features to grow your website.

If you have a medium-sized business or an agency with high profile clients, you can opt for a Prime or Multi plan. You can host unlimited small websites with a Multi plan. It costs around Rs. 170/m after an 80% discount.

The discounts apply to users who purchase the WordPress hosting plan for at least 3years. Not only the offer, but you also enjoy plenty of features along with that.

MilesWeb is perfect for any website and for those who want to grow their existing businesses.

If you have an existing hosting account, MilesWeb will help you migrate everything from the previous host to MilesWeb. You only have to reach their support team and they will do it on your behalf.

What are the Features Offered by MilesWeb?

MilesWeb offers plenty of specifications with WordPress hosting.

Free Domain – You can get one free domain with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans. The domain will be free for the first year. That means the user has to purchase the plan for more than 1 year to be eligible for the offer.

Free SSL certificate – Your information will always be secure and safe with a free SSL certificate. Very few companies provide an SSL for free and MilesWeb is one among them.

Customers study companies and websites thoroughly. If they find HTTP instead of HTTPS, they are more likely to exit the website and never return. So, an SSL secures it with HTTPS.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – MilesWeb gives you a feature to request a refund if they don’t meet your expectations. I am sure you will not have to close the account. But, if something as such happens, you can request the refund within the first 30days of purchase.

Caching – Clearing cache in WordPress is essential and needs to be done frequently. It reduces the load time of websites. Their caching tool identifies the data that loads regularly and keeps it ready to throw them into the visitors’ browser.

Regular Updates – Your WordPress site will automatically get updated to the new version. The team will also take care of any updates regarding plugins and apps, so you don’t have to worry about them.

99.95% Uptime – MilesWeb helps your website stay up all the time and guarantees to offer 99.95% of uptime. You will not face many downtimes and your customers will have a happy surfing experience.

Wrap Up

For any WordPress website, WordPress hosting is a recommended hosting service. It improves productivity and efficiency. If your website is not efficient, smooth and hassle-free, it can drop the rankings.

MilesWeb offers cheap WordPress hosting services. You can get them at very low costs. They also provide tons of features that not every provider offers.

So, MilesWeb is the right selection for your WordPress hosting. It will help you grow into a better enterprise/business/blog.

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