If you are the one who loves to play games online with your friends or a single bot and want to know how to create a custom mousepad gaming for your computer then I will tell you the whole process of creating a custom mousepad or a readymade mousepad for gaming. Some details regarding the custom mousepad are discussed in the following points like which thing is required for the pad, what will be the size, and how it will be made? People who play online games love to live in a gaming cave means a gaming room that should have bright lights, custom computer hardware, or walls with art that gives them a feeling of nature. So I want to move on your focus from computer talks to directly mousepad customization and all points are discussed below –

  1. Cut the cardboard and its size according to your need –

In your home, you may find cardboard received from any product delivery, after finding a medium width of the cardboard you have to cut it. You can cut it in the size of 8’’ x 10’’ or according to your need like you are fond of full movement of the mouse then you can take a large size than a traditional one. You should use corrugated cardboard than flat cardboard because flat cardboard has some strips or layers inside it. If the cardboard is not comfortable due to its width then you can also change the cardboard and select better cardboard.

  1. Padding a new design and sheet as a top layer –

After cutting the size of the cardboard you have to select one of the thin sheets that look amazing because this upper sheet will be always visible to you, so choose a better sheet. A better sheet for the designing of the cardboard may be bought from a shop if you have not such sheets. Now you have to cut this sheet in the size of that cardboard so that it could cover it completely. You need glue for the cardboard and sheet to stick them with each other. You should spread a normal layer of the glue on the cardboard and the sheet because an unlevelled plan of the cardboard will create a problem for your mouse to move back and forward.

  1. Getting ready a custom mousepad with an envelope –

After sticking both cardboard and the thin designing sheet with each other you will have to cover them with an envelope. This envelope is not a normal polythene product but is a sticky envelope from one side. So you can use it for your project of the mousepad to make it less fractional and more mobile. These envelopes are called clear contact paper and you can cut them according to the size of the cardboard. And after completing the work of the adding envelope your mousepad is ready to use.

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