Best ways for Hotels to Use Technology in their Hotel Property

In the present day and age, hotels are trying their best to meet the demands of guests that are traveling with a renewed enthusiasm after the pandemic years. From the staff to the managers, everyone is going above and beyond the call of duty to give their guests the best services possible and make their hotel stay a memorable experience. At the same time, many hotels are also struggling with employee retention and working with only a limited number of staff members.

In this scenario, where hotels are experiencing staff shortages and more guests than ever before, hotels have to start using hotel management software to fill the gaps in their service. First step for a hotel manager is to find a reliable hospitality software company that can provide the software along with the much-needed support and training to use the software. If you are a manager, here are some pointers you should keep in mind before using services of a hospitality software company.

  • Past performance of the company
  • Reputation of the company in the market
  • Changes in the software through the years
  • Data security offered by the company
  • Number of software updates promised by the company
  • Does the company offers free trial of the software

Automation of Services and How it Helps Hotels

Time is of the essence in any hotel and staff needs to work fast so that they can accomplish more tasks in less time. By using automation features of a hospitality management software, staff members can make the best use of the time and resources available to them. For hotels that are working with a limited staff, automation features of the software become even more important. With automation, staff can increase productivity and the guests can be provided with a stellar staying experience. Let’s take a quick look at how hotels can use automation features of hospitality management software.

Automated Report Generation

Regular reporting is a must in any hotel so that managers and staff can get an idea of how the hotel is performing and the areas that need improvements. With hospitality management software, managers can get all kinds of reports in their chosen formats and time-range. The highly accurate reports generated by the software offer an in-depth look into the various operations of the hotel.

Automated Rate Pricing

Giving guests competitive pricing is a tricky task as the room prices need to be attractive and also in-line with the prevailing prices in the market. With hospitality software, managers can choose a rate management feature that keeps a check on the market trends and adjusts room rates for the most profitable value. As the software is backed by the cloud, any changes made to the room rates are instantaneous and the prices reflect across all distribution channels.

Automated Data Collection

The PMS can be configured to collect data automatically. This data can include anything from room demand to room occupancy rates or guest stay duration during a time period. Using software to collect data removes any scope of errors and hotels can use this data to plan their room inventory accordingly.

Automated Upselling Features

Whenever a guest books a hotel room, the booking engine can offer guests with attractive upselling options to add more comfort to their staying experience. Upselling software can be customized to provide guests with unique offers and discounts throughout their stay at the property. Whether the guests are dining at the hotel restaurant or they are planning an excursion to the popular tourist spots in the city, the hotel software can be programmed to use all these upselling opportunities.

Automate Guest Communication

Communicating with the guests is the most important aspect of a hotel’s relationship with the guests. The software can take up the communication duties from the moment the guests book a room with the hotel property. From sending welcome emails to sending confirmation for the booking and sending directions to the property, a software can do all this without human inputs. Furthermore, once the guests check-out of the hotel, the hotel software can also ask for feedback through email. The software can be automated to send birthday/anniversary greetings to the guests as well.

Automated Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to improve communication with the guests. These simple bots can be programmed into the hotel website and these can be powered by the PMS to answer any questions the guests might have about the hotel property or their stay. The chatbots offer instantaneous, 24/7 communication options that are not feasible with a customer care operator. Another advantage of using chatbots is that these chatbots can strengthen your room service capabilities. Guests can request simple items like towels, pillows or water from the chatbot and the same can be delivered by the room service.


Automating a hotel’s operations is a great way to bring the property at par with the latest developments in the hospitality industry. Using hospitality management software also keeps the staff productive and allows them to work without any stress. Every area of service in the hotel can benefit from automation and managers can use a wide range of creative automation tools to exceed guest expectations. The biggest benefit of using modern technology is that the technology also improves with time and it can help the hotel to stay ahead of the curve.

At mycloud Hospitality, managers can get access to an award-winning suite of software that will suit automation needs of every size of hotel. From large hotel chains to a small B&B, every property can make use of the software to create their own unique workflow. The software suite has several modules that can be customized to suit your particular needs. The learning curve is small and this software will keep your hotel on the cutting edge of modern technology. You can learn more by browsing through You can also schedule a free online demonstration by calling +1-415-390-5039.

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