How to Buy Old Facebook Accounts and Make Money

There are several methods to buy old Facebook accounts. There are so many advantages to be had by purchasing Facebook accounts from individuals or companies wishing to sell their account, rather than having to buy a new one. Buying old Facebook Accounts is easy. Simply search the major Google listings, searching for your targeted old Facebook Account that you wish to purchase, and then choose how much you wish to pay. If you bid too little, you can always bid more the following round.

Another method to buy old Facebook accounts is to buy them from individuals or businesses wishing to sell their existing social media marketing accounts to you. These can range from personal profile pages to businesses’ public profiles. Some of these have thousands of fans, whilst others have only a few hundred.

These can be great if you wish to target more specific audiences for your business pages. However, you may find that the number of people viewing these business pages is much lower than those who may be viewing your personal profile page.

You can also buy old Facebook accounts through digital products such as apps. There are numerous examples of apps that can help you to manage multiple accounts. They are a perfect solution for those who have numerous business or personal accounts to manage.

These apps cost a nominal fee, but they can save you significant time and energy in monitoring your various social media profiles. As you gain more knowledge of these apps, you will learn which ones are more useful for your specific needs.

You can also buy old Facebook accounts from other users that have decided to deactivate their account. This is slightly harder to do as most of your friends will have chosen not to re-activate their accounts and you could spend weeks searching for their profile.

If this is the route you wish to take, it is important that you have proof of permission from the user. A way to check that they have given you the go ahead to buy old Facebook accounts is to contact their friends and ask to see if they have given you permission. If they have, then it is likely that they will also grant you permission to do so as well.

You can also buy old Facebook accounts from fan pages. If you create a fan page on the social network, you can connect it to your profile. You can then invite your friends to like your page so that they can see posts that relate to their interests. It is a good idea to offer incentives to those who join your fan page so that they continue to promote your links on their fan page.

These are some of the options available to you when you wish to buy old Facebook accounts. The option which is the most straightforward is probably the option to get a refund if you are unhappy with the results of any of these methods.

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