Your company should spend on ethical hackers: Here’s why!

It’s about time that every business takes cybersecurity on priority. Yes, compliance is always a matter of concern, but what matters as much is a proactive approach. One of the key proactive measures that a company can take for preventing security breaches is to engage the security community. Hackers and cybercriminals rely on all sorts of tricks and techniques to launch attacks on businesses, and if you want to prevent such incidents, you have to take a step ahead. Ethical hackers can help you finding existing vulnerabilities within your security perimeters, and they get paid for the job. In this post, we are discussing more on what you need to know about ethical hackers.

Incredible advantages

Before anything else, let’s understand how ethical hacking works. Most companies have their bug bounty programs, which have specific set of rules, terms and conditions. Ethical hackers sign up for the program, and if they manage to find a security flaw, they get paid as per the terms. From camera hack to testing networks, ethical hackers can help in finding flaws that are otherwise not in plain sight. Also, ethical hackers work on a program, but you can also have someone working for your company, so that testing and finding vulnerabilities becomes an easy thing.’

Hiring ethical hackers

Like we mentioned, you can consider having your bug bounty program or hiring ethical hackers on the payroll. However, there are also services that can engage ethical hackers for your business like an extended arm, and you pay the service for the work done. So, how expensive is the exercise? It depends. There is no denying that the price of having ethical hackers onboard may cost a tad more than what you spend on your standard cybersecurity measures, but if you consider the cost of managing a security breach, the price is worth paying for.

Final word

Hiring ethical hackers may seem like a thing for big companies, but more growing companies are willing to pay for the same. Just make sure that your bug bounty program is a tight one, with extremely precise rules and terms, because at the end of the day, you would want the ethical hackers to work as per the set rules. Also, the payout has to be decent enough to get them excited for the job. Take expert advice, if need be, before you decide on getting ethical hackers onboard.

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