The Perfect Guide to Installing Flat Panel TVs and Mounts

Flat panel televisions have thin depth and light weight that allows it to be mounted directly on a wall. Although this kind of TV comes with pedestals that makes it possible for them to be placed on a TV stand, a TV that can be mounted on the wall can save you space and enhance your room’s look. These days, the market has many kinds of TV wall mounts to offer. Use this guide to help you decide on the right mount for your flat-panel television:

Determining the Perfect Mount

To pick the perfect TV mount, you must decide the type of movement you prefer your TV needs to have first. Then, make sure the mount you buy is rated for your TV’s weight and size. The suggested weight limits for mounts are listed by major brands. These restrictions must be followed to ensure your mount does not sag under your TV’s weight. The majority of television mounts follow compatibility standards that make sure the televisions and mounts can be interchanged.

Motion, Tilting or Fixed Mount?

Your choice of mount will depend on your preferences, who will watch your TV and the layout of the room. Every kind of mount has its benefits and drawbacks. To decide between fixed, tilting or motion mounts, read the descriptions below:

  • Fixed mounts. This kind of mounts holds the television snug against the wall. This should be your choice if you want to keep your TV close to the wall. But, a fixed mount does not give you an option to adjust the position of your TV. This makes it ideal for installations where you can totally control the lighting to avoid glare on the screen. Also, it is right for spaces where people will view the TV from the same position. You can buy this kind of monitor wall mount from PrimeCables.
  • Tilting mounts. These mounts let you angle the TV vertically while keeping its position on the wall. They don’t let you move your TV horizontally. They are perfect for installations where your TV is mounted higher than normal like over a fireplace. Also, they provide you some control over light and window glares.
  • Full-motion. These television mounts offer the greatest movement range for a flat panel television. With them, you can move the TV away from or towards the wall, tilt it up or down, and angle the TV from side to side. They make sure your TV can be viewed from any angle. They are great for rooms where people can stay in various locations or deal with changing room glares with plenty of sun exposure.

Ability of the TV Mount to Last

Various mount manufacturers make their TV mounts using different materials such as plastic, aluminum, and steel. Steel tends to hold up the best on a bigger TV; however, you must feel assured that regardless of the materials used, you won’t have problems if you choose a mount that is UL rated for your television.

Installing your Mount

When it comes to buying a flat panel TV, the most important aspect is choosing the right person to install your TV. While two people can easily install most mounts, you must read the safety warnings and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the type of screws to use for installation. It is best to consult with a professional TV installer to save yourself a headache.

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