A Visionary’s Gaze: Glenn Lurie’s Mobile Odyssey

The Formative Years: From Seattle to Shaping Mobile’s Future

Seattle Pacific University alumni Glenn Lurie, embarked on a mobile communications journey that few could have predicted. Immediately post-graduation Lurie played professional soccer for a few years and then dove into the embryonic world of mobile at McCaw Cellular Communications in Portland. It was here, amidst groundbreaking technological shifts, that his role transitioned from a celebrated account executive to spearheading the launch of new wireless products and services. This local Portland talent was soon destined for a more significant stage.

AT&T’s Mobile Revolution under Lurie’s Leadership

Lurie’s success in Portland led him through a cascade of promotions. From the Columbia River Markets to Los Angeles, his ascent was meteoric. Following the acquisition of AT&T Wireless by Cingular Wireless in 2004, Glenn Lurie’s expertise was sought for some of the most pivotal projects at Cingular/AT&T. From the introduction of the world’s first iPhone to the initiation of AT&T’s Internet of Things (IoT) division, Lurie consistently had his finger on the pulse of consumer needs. His leadership extended to the birth of Digital Life and the acquisition and rebranding of Aio Wireless to the now well-known Cricket Wireless. This series of triumphs solidified his place as the President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations.


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From AT&T’s Hallways to the Glenn Lurie Synchronoss Era

After leaving an indelible mark on AT&T, Lurie took his next leap. He transitioned to Synchronoss Technologies, where he continued to push mobile’s boundaries. Under the Glenn Lurie Synchronoss era, he advocated for innovative digital products that transformed network efficiency, reduced costs, and introduced new revenue streams. Beyond leading the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer, Lurie’s influence extended to its Board of Directors, ensuring his vision was deeply ingrained in its strategy.

Lurie’s Vision: A Future Forever Mobile

Today, Lurie continues to champion innovation at Stormbreaker Ventures while holding board positions at companies like the Avis Budget Group, Pivotal Commware, Blue Link Wireless and TEAL Communications. His commitment to a connected future is evident, and Glenn Lurie’s work is a testament to his transformative role in the mobile world.

In the eyes of Lurie, the era of mobile is eternal. As augmented and virtual reality, AI and IoT technologies emerge, wireless technology’s importance only amplifies. Once a budding concept under Lurie’s leadership at AT&T, IoT’s role now underpins our understanding of a connected world. A future where every device communicates seamlessly, understanding our routines and schedules, and crafting a truly intelligent world is not just a possibility – it’s on the horizon. With visionaries like Glenn Lurie at the helm, the possibilities for our connected future are limitless.

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