Yubo Rolls Out New Features to Make Connecting with New Friends Easier Than Ever

The new social media app Yubo has attracted worldwide attention, especially among teenagers and young adults under the age of 25. The app makes it possible for users to connect with people who share similar interests. Users have always been able to add new friends and exchange messages. They can also enjoy several additional features thanks to recent updates.

Livestream Onboarding

Yubo takes user safety seriously because the app’s founders understand that many of its users are minors. People using the Livestream Onboarding feature for the first time can feel secure knowing that the camera and microphone default to the off position. People can socialize with others without concern about revealing their location or appearance.

Upon entering Yubo’s livestream application, users will notice an interface that instructs them on how to use it. They learn how to interact with other users before going live for the first time. The interface fades away after the user has read it and presents them with the top-rated livestreams that they can check out for themselves.

To participate in a livestream after joining it, users press a raised hand button to indicate their desire to speak. The app prioritizes users in the order they press the raised hand button, and everyone who expresses a desire to participate in the conversation will have the opportunity to do so. The only things other users see during a livestream are each person’s profile picture and username.

Add Friends Using Tags

The easiest way for users to find people with similar interests is to include tags with their profile when signing up for a Yubo account. People can also search for others who share their interests using the new tags feature. They just need to click on a tag to see a list of other people who listed the same tag in their profile.

The tags feature enables Yubo users to add up to 200 new connections every day. When they initiate a conversation with a new user, each person’s tags display along with their picture and username. Displaying the tags makes it easier for people to break the ice because they already know that they share similar interests.

The Yubo app also uses artificial intelligence to make friend suggestions to users based on the information people include in their tags. People can choose their interests from among several categories to make the sign-up process more efficient. The company estimates that 65 percent of people signing up for a new account use tags to help them connect with like-minded people sooner. Yubo expects that number to increase as more people become aware of the app and its new features.

Where to Find the Yubo App

Yubo is a free smartphone application available at the Android and iOS play stores. The app differs from other social media platforms because its users connect due to common interests without necessarily having a previous relationship.

Yubo Promotes Connecting Over Shared Interests

Yubo provides a different type of social media experience for its users, most of whom are under 25 years old. Instead of posting material to gain likes and followers, people can use the app to meet others with similar interests. The company verifies user profiles to ensure they represent real people and accurate information. Users can send private messages to others once they have connected over shared life experiences.

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