Where are Samsung phones made?

The market for smartphones has grown exponentially since their creation. There are a few companies with a significant market share, but often it comes down to Apple or Samsung, IOS or android.

Millions of Samsung phones are purchased every year, and in order to keep up, Samsung needs a number of factories around the world to produce the parts needed; the question is: where are they made? Read on to find out.


Samsung has been manufacturing products in Taiwan for almost three decades. They produce just over 7 million products a year, and this is expected to steadily increase over time. The most notable product to be manufactured in Taiwan is the Samsung Galaxy series.


Samsung has been manufacturing products in Brazil for over two decades, and as such, they have done wonders for the economy, hiring a lot of local workers over the years. Their motives are not entirely altruistic; Brazil has favorable tax laws which allows them to sell the phones in the region at a more affordable price.


The figures are approximate, but it is thought that almost half of all Samsung phones are produced in Vietnam. Furthermore, this percentage is likely to increase as Samsung has broke ground on a third factory in Vietnam. Currently, they have two factories which produce an estimated 120 million devices annually.


Samsung has a huge factory in India; in fact, it is one of the largest mobile phone factories in the world. The factory itself produces just over 100 million phones every year. A lot of the devices made in India are sold locally, but a small percentage makes it to other makes it to other markets, too, like the European or African markets.


Ironically, although Samsung is a South Korean company, it only produces a small amount – less than ten percent – of devices. Furthermore, the phones that are produced in the country are destined for a local market; very few are exported to other shores of markets. If you want to find Samsung products, regardless of where they have been manufactured, make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller; otherwise, you risk counterfeit or faulty products.


In business terms, the move to produce products in Indonesia is fairly recent, having only started less than a decade ago. But, again, it tends to cover the local demand as they produce around 800,000 devices annually, which is significantly lower than other regions.

In Conclusion

It might be surprising to some people that the majority of Samsung phones are made in only seven countries. The devices themselves are used worldwide. The manufacturing process remains the same regardless of location, which is how Samsung can ensure that its products adhere to their strict quality control specifications. Most products manufactured today do come with a note on the product or the packaging, which tells consumers where their products have been made. If you are interested, then check your products or their packaging to see where your Samsung phone was made.

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