Virtual Escape Room Singapore: An Escape From Reality

What is a virtual escape room?

Escape rooms have been a very common mode of entertainment in the last decade. Groups of people assemble to be trapped in a specially built room where they must solve different puzzles to emerge triumphant before time runs out. However, with the world’s problems in 2020, those events have become almost unlikely for most people trying to break codes and have fun with their families.

Virtual Escape Room Singapore are identical to the more well-known in-person models. The distinction between both activities is that players are hosted over zoom, or skype calls and control a “field agent” in real-time to complete the tasks rather than completing them themselves.

How does a virtual escape room work?

Like physical escape rooms, virtual escape rooms are entertaining games that put your mental acuity and teamwork to the test through a series of puzzles and challenges. However, unlike traditional escape rooms, immersive escape rooms do not have a time limit; you can play until you win.

Virtual escape room experience in singapore

  • Anywhere, at any time. Distances and geography are no longer a problem, regardless of group size. From a minimum of two people to an unlimited amount of online time. Ideal for remote teams, people who work from home, friends, family, and schools.
  • Experienced and certified professional facilitators fully guide them.
  • Immersive experience like no other: challenging puzzles & storyline
  • A fun experience online: 1 to 1.5 hours online escape puzzle experience, including 30 minutes of gameplay setup and debriefing online

How much does it cost?

A simulated escape room can be booked online for $25 per player in groups of four to six. There is also a wider business edition targeted at larger groups and businesses. Groups must have at least four teams, but those of more than seven must email puzzle break for a price quote.

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