How Yubo Is Innovating Within the Social Media Sphere by Bringing Big Changes and Better Features

From COVID-19 to the broadening Internet of Things, the world has changed in the past several decades. As we seek new waters to sail to new connections, platforms like Yubo are working their hardest to create calm seas for waiting social media sailors.

Founded in 2015, Yubo is a social media discovery application that leans heavily on its live-streaming video and audio capabilities. Partnering with the tech giants at Hive, Yubo recently made waves after announcing its cutting-edge moderating technology in four international markets: Australia, Canada, the U.K., and the United States.

What Is Yubo For?

Yubo is a social media platform gaining ground in 2015 among Gen Z users. Over time, Yubo has grown to encapsulate a user base spanning 140 nations and more than 60 million individuals. Focused on live content while reducing digital noise, Yubo has strayed away from “Likes” and “Follows” to instead focus on genuine content and connection.

Yubo has garnered a reputation among Gen Z users thanks to its litany of safety and moderation features that give users the ability to tailor their experience to their comfort. From Yubo’s vaunted Muted Words list to the ability to enjoy live moderation from Safety Specialists, everything on the platform is geared toward connectivity and comfort.

Aware of the intrinsic threat to mental health that social media can pose, Yubo is aware of the importance of creating a healthy relationship with the platform. Yubo encourages users to take frequent social media breaks while engaging with the various safety features available through the platform.

Building a Safer Platform

More than just a social media platform, Yubo is focused on providing its users with a platform that is safe to use. For this reason, Yubo has grown into a five-year partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NMEC). The NMEC introduced a program titled “Take It Down,” which partners with platforms to assist minors in removing non-consensual images and videos from the web.

Upon providing the platform with a digital hash of the problematic content in question, platforms like Yubo will scan their databases for any matching hashes in order to summarily delete them.

As the CEO of Yubo, Sacha Lazimi, had this to say, “‘Take it Down’ serves as an added layer of safety and protection for the teens and young adults socializing on Yubo.”

Pointing to the harsh prevalence of non-consensual content spreading on the internet, Lazimi added, “We are proud to be a partner to NCMEC in the launch of this service and to support innovation that effectively fights the non-consensual spread of content while preserving our users’ privacy.

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