How to promote your IT service business like a pro

Service-specific businesses need a boost that gets them ahead of their competition. The world of Information Technology (IT) is evolving exponentially. With the increase in demand for various IT services, there are many opportunities to grab. However, with great opportunities comes great competition. The IT industry is huge, and there are IT experts everywhere. So how do you plan to stand out? Well, this is what you need to focus on; marketing.

Service marketing is tricky; you must rely on something other than old-school product-specific marketing techniques. Whether promoting cybersecurity, backup solutions, or cloud services, you need to gain your audience’s trust. Effective marketing tactics are a must for your service business if you want to exceed the hyperactive competition and the uncertain dynamic of the field.

Here are six ideas that you should add to your marketing strategy.

Build a stellar website

In this digital era, a business needs to have an online presence. And as a service provider, not having a website means you will miss out on many opportunities and potential clients. A website paves the way for you to achieve your digital marketing goals and help your business grow.

Advertising through your website is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to attract potential customers. But you need to impress them from the first go. The Internet is filled with unattractive and ugly websites which you can use. Impress the audience with a stellar website that makes them want your services.

Your design and UX should be sleek and professional, and it should reflect the IT expert you are. Invest in good SEO services and land your website on the top page for major queries. People like fast websites that do not hang, so ensure you have an average performance score of 70.

Do some market research

By research, we do not mean a lengthy and exhaustive process that involves a third party. You must take the time to learn critical information about your market and industry dynamics. Doing so will tell you how your target audience perceives your business.

For effective marketing, you must emphasize gathering and using the collected data to create an appropriate strategy for your business. Market research helps you in getting a clear understanding of your industry, your potential clients, their needs and information, and also your competition. This research will aid you in providing improved services that meet your target audience’s needs and meet their expectations.

It also helps you develop and resolve key issues related to your service and saves you from costly mistakes. Market research is a key element if you’re looking for business expansion and promotion. It identifies new opportunities for you, and with its help, you can develop a suitable marketing campaign targeting potential customers and keeping track of your competition.

Collaborate with influencers

We know this sounds odd for an IT business, but collaboration is the key to success, and by success, we mean more followers and more customer attention. So before you roll your eyes, listen to this.

People do not just follow influencers for beauty products and lifestyle inspiration, but they also listen to them. Many IT-related tech influencers speak at public events and promote products and services online. They have a huge following, and promoting your service brand through them is a great way to reach a new audience or community.

Influencers hold great power when it comes to information technology. They are digital workers who know about the industry and its key issues. Collaborating with them can help you increase your brand awareness and social media following, gain credibility and trust and crack new markets.

Use email marketing

People check their emails daily, so you better get to their inbox if you want their attention. Email marketing plays an essential role irrespective of the business you own. Whether you are a product marketeer or offering any service, you must incorporate e-marketing in your promotional strategy.

Email marketing helps you increase customer engagement (via newsletters), increase revenue, attract new clients, build brand awareness, and reward devoted clients. So many things! But do you think you’re the only one sending out emails? Well, no, so is your competition.

Your email needs to stand out and grab the attention of your reader. Technology email templates are available online that are geeky and attractive. Without them, your email will look ordinary and ugly, so do not make the mistake of sending dull emails. Take the help of online websites like PosterMyWall, which has hundreds of template options, and click send.

Create the right content

You must have heard the phrase ‘content is king’; it is. IT service buyers must know that what they buy is authentic and will give the desired result. They need sufficient knowledge and assurance before they pay you for the service, which they can get from the right words.

Create different sorts of content and post it on your website and social media pages that answer the queries of your potential customers and clear their confusion. Utilize your online presence to build a relationship with your target audience. This way of marketing is cost-effective, sustainable, and nurturing for your audience.

Apart from this, another reason to generate content is that Google loves it. The more content you post, the more you will get ranked for your keywords.  That means you will also generate more leads and traffic on your website. So get the conversations started and generate more business.

Use paid advertisement

Use paid advertisements if you want your brand to grow quickly and reach an audience faster. Paid advertising can be an effective option for businesses trying to swiftly generate leads and reach a big audience for lead generation.

Here are some traditional ways that you can pay to get noticed:

  • TV and radio: A rather old-school way, but something that still works. Television and radio promotions are expensive, but they are a great way to reach a wider audience.
  • Social Media: Turn your social media post into an advertisement by paying for it. The advantage of this technique is that you get to choose your target audience, target region, and even the length of the ad and time you want to run it at. It doesn’t get better than this.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement: You are charged a fee when someone clicks on your advertisement. This service is provided by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others, and it places your ad at the top of the results page for the terms you choose.

Invest in your IT business and promote it generously. Though these tips work individually, combining them in a strategy that suits your business can greatly help.

Here’s hoping these strategies can help you grow your IT service business. Happy promotions!

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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